Lester and Morris

Not long ago, I found myself inheriting twin boys from a cousin who could no longer take care of them.  The details of my inheritance are not important to this story as I am merely relating my experiences with the lads.

The boys were named Lester and Morris.  The interesting part of this is that their nicknames were “Les” and “Mor”.  Les had more intelligence and Mor was handicapped by having less  As he was the one who had less, Mor attempted to make up for his lesser knowledge by making fun of the more gifted Les.  This, of course, made it hard for the boys to get along.  They more or less constantly made fun of each other.

The boys were identical twins so they looked alike.  It was difficult to more or less tell Mor and Les apart.  I tried to dress them differently thinking that would help, but they didn’t like that.  Despite their differences, they wanted to be the same.  The more I tried to make them different, the less success I had.

In athletics, their abilities were the opposite.  Les had less talent and Mor had more.  Mor didn’t have to try hard to have more success than Les.  On the other hand, Les practiced all the time so he could catch up to Mor, but the more he practiced, the less success he had.

Over time, the boys and I became quite close and I made plans to adopt them.  After waiting the appropriate length of time, we went to court.  The judge ruled for us to be a family.  My name is Fuller Ovitt so the boys became Mor Ovitt and Les Ovitt.  My friends call me Full so my new family consisted of Les Ovitt, Mor Ovitt  and me—Full Ovitt.


  1. Funny story, Mike. You should write about Jeff coming out of your car and bouncing on his big butt after we scrapped the lamp post.

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